Friday, June 26, 2009

First Trip to Madisoville

Rustyn made his first trip to Madisonville on June 14. He stayed the first night at Pie and Pop's house and the second night at Daddy Jim and Sue Sue's house. Before we arrived, I warned Rustyn about how many relatives he would be meeting. He didn't mind at all. He LOVED all the attention! He slept so good both nights. I think he was completely worn out. Here are some pics of his first visit in Madisonville.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I love my bed and swing!

Thank you Pam for the wonderful swing. Rustyn loves it! It's so funny to watch him stare at the flying bird and all the lights.

Rustyn also loves his baby bed....Thanks Daddy Jim and Sue Sue. He has been sleeping in his own bed since he was 2 weeks old...Way to go little muffin! This is mostly due to him being such a noisy sleeper. He grunts more than any baby I have ever been around.

Rustyn's first roping

Cody roped in Hamilton a few weekends ago. It was a long two hour trip, but Rustyn wanted to go cheer on his daddy. Cody ended up winning the fast time at the roping. Rustyn was so proud!

Rustyn's first bath in big tub...

Big Mom (Debbie), Aunt Stormy, and I gave Rustyn his first bath in the "big" tub. He loved it! He layed on a towel and kicked around in the water. Everytime we put water on his belly, he would open his mouth really wide. It was hilarious! Afterwards, he dried off in his favorite froggy towel.