Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sick : (

Rustyn has been very sick since Wednesday. He has a cold with a bad cough and now has a stomach virus on top of that. We've had several sleepless nights. It just breaks our hearts to see him so sick. He has been sick a lot since he started daycare. Thank goodness Mom, Memaw, Cindy, and Stormy came to visit this weekend. They were a lot of help. I get so nervous when he is sick and he has just been pitiful. We are seeing much improvement today. He is actually drinking some pedialyte and keeping it down. Mom and Cindy had to get back home so they left today, but Memaw is going to stay the week with us and keep Rustyn at home. YAY!!!


We'd been having very fall like weather, but last weekend was really warm. We decided to take advantage of the warm weather and take a ride in the jeep. I took a few quick snaps of Rustyn while we waited on Dad to get ready.

"It Fits!"

Rustyn got this hat from grandma Pie before he was born. It finally fits now and he loves it. I was surprised that he kept it on his head for a long time.